Slumberer Anamnesis

This is what the Slumberer said, after awakening from its ancient dream.

Inspiration in truth, born of honest words,

was spoken in the valley where Hero and man met,

and lies, plainly, when the past returns in like form.


Inspiration in valor, born of noble sacrifice,

was shed on the hilt of the King’s blade

and is wielded by valorous blood in mortal form.


Inspiration in tragedy, born of mortal error,

was bled at the end of the King’s blade

and is kept by foolish blood in monstrous form.


Inspiration in humor, born of heavenly irony,

was spilled along the length of the King’s blade,

and is re-forged in laughing blood in eternal form.


Inspiration in sorrow, born of a tearful lament,

was sung by love as the Hero’s life left him,

and mourns, serenely, in the grave of the Covered World.


Inspiration of movement, born of graceful battle,

was crossed between legends in understanding,

and swirls, fiercely, between night and day.


Inspiration of discovery, born of the weeping stars,

was there at one’s end and another’s beginning,

and ever-falls, intelligently, opposite the eye of the sky.


Inspiration of unity, born of common desire,

was an elegy from all, whispered above a Hero’s body,

and stands together when Truth and Reflection kiss.


Inspiration of legacy, born of unclouded memory,

was recorded in the living, for all the world’s time,

and waits, unerringly, on the pinnacle of mid-night.

Slumberer Anamnesis

The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign Armetrek