Republic of Asimov

The Republic of Asimov is a dwarven state on the east coast of Gilgamesh. No one is sure exactly when it was founded, but it predates the founding of Der Ring des Nibelungen University, and thus predates the modern era. It is ruled by a senate that is elected by all legal citizens (adults of all sentient species who have passed the citizen test and filed for citizenship status), from any eligible candidates. Senators serve five-year terms, and the finer particulars of the system are beyond the interest of most adventurers, so that will be addressed as needed. While the pluarilty of Asimov’s population is dwarven, many humans and gnomes also live there.

Asimov’s cities are communities of glass and iron, with buildings rising high into the sky and deep under the ground, if only to prevent a mineshaft gap. It is also known for its very sophisticated, yet useless, devices (mechanical or otherwise) and its military colleges, as well as its pursuit of the non-religion called The Pure Ideals.

The capital of Asimov is Foundation, and is home to Double Star Academy, the largest military academy on the east coast, and Rama College, a premiere wizard school specializing in transmutation and constructs, in addition to offering many non-magical programs in fields such as history, literature, alchemy, astronomy, oceanography, and philosophy. Such a curriculum is typical for Asimov’s schools, which focus on math and science instead of magic and faith.

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Republic of Asimov

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