Noor, the Shadowed Crescent

The vaguely- silent assassin


Rogue 2/ Fighter 7/ Emissary of the Desert Wind* 9

*EotDW is a custom PRC consisting of a bit of Assassin, a bit of Rogue, and channeling one’s ancestors to fight undead, constructs, and other pesky monsters.


Season 2: Noor, a great assassin, has long walked the path of The Nameless One. She is trying to reconcile her warm, fuzzy feelings about Khorvash’s Nakama with her general hatred of the world and the dull sheep in it. Progress was made when she spoke for the first time in years, but since it was done in anger, she has found herself serving the Nameless One’s Dark Aspect. The journey continues…. Noor now has a sweet-ass tattoo on her left arm.

Old… season 1: Noor doesn’t talk. Noor uses a greatsword. Noor likes poisons. Noor may or may not be known as “Death” in a few small places in the realm… her black robes, black warhorse, and scythe may have something to do with that. It is entirely possible that Noor has a sense of humor, but not when it comes to paying her money.

OOC tidbit: Noor’s birth name is Fatima La-Ahad, and she is one of the very few members of the Obscura caste in the Dhalia Tribe of assassins, Scheherazade.

(PC picture taken from a PC portrait made by the talented Dona, for an art trade with me!)

Noor, the Shadowed Crescent

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