House Rules

The following are the house rules that I intend to use in this campaign. New rules added after the first session are generally open to group discussion.

Ability Rolls: 4d6, re-roll 1s, pick any three.

Hit Points: Either roll or half. New characters above 1st level must decide during creation which method to use, but players may decide at each level which to use.

NEW Skills: Open Lock is part of normal use for Disable Device. Consequently, the feat Nimble Fingers no longer exists. Any mention of Nimble Fingers can be replaced with Skill Focus (Disable Device).

NEW Negative levels are healed after 15 minutes, and never result in level loss.

NEW The DM will refrain from using Save or Die effects, so long as the PCs refrain from using Save or Die effects. The DM apologizes, in advance, for any unwarranted deviation from this policy on his part due to his failure to completely read a monster’s stat block.

A note for all hybrids: half-orcs and half-elves have the human subtype in addition to the orc or elf subtype, respectively. For all intents and purposes, they are also human, including feats, classes and magic items (unless the fluff strongly makes a case against their inclusion, and then it will be determined on a case-by-case). In addition, all other “half-” hybrids have at least two subtypes, one from each parent, and are treated as either or both type for all purposes.

Dragons do not have the influence that is commonly seen in D&D. If there are dragons in the world, no one has ever seen one to mention it in any oral or written tradition. The word exists, curiously enough, but the true Dragons, and almost everything with the Dragon type, do not, so far as the players are concerned. Kobolds do exist, but have a different origin. There is no Draconic language; its role relating to arcane magic is taken by Kerthuan, an ancient language with an unknown origin. Kobolds speak a different language that is not related to Kerthuan. Similarly, sorcery is not linked with draconic heritage, and so draconic heritage feats will not be used without modification to fluff. In fact, assume that anything even remotely relating to dragons is questionable, and run it by the GM first.

The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

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