Port Ferdinand

Port Ferdinand is a small trading city in the Kingdom of Lear, where the Leonato River feeds into the Enkidu Ocean. It is a major way-point for caravans traveling south to Port Iago, as well as a major port for ships carrying goods from the Shamhat and Humbaba islands. It is protected by the peninsula immediately to the east, which is mostly marshy swamp, and home to several non-hostile tribes of lizardfolk, as well as a few elves and humans. Port Ferdinand is one of the few communities in Lear with a significant Ishmaelite population, due in no small part to its large number of ships and the weak oversight of the Felicitus Church, which barely has more than its church in the city. The Church of the Inspired Nine has more influence in Port Ferdinand than elsewhere in the kingdom, but many people pray to Verneanth or other Ishmaelite gods, due to their connection to the seas. Brada, the goddess of ships, is particularly well-loved, and the Swamp Harbor has a large temple to her.

The city is surrounded on all sides by thick walls, which were built to repel invaders when King Gorboduc I conquered the country and took the lands back from the first Grimm Kings. The city straddles the Leonato River, after a period of intense growth about 150 years ago created the New City on the eastern bank of the river. The Old City remains behind the city’s original walls. Traditionally, the easiest way across the river was by ferry or private water taxis, though some land traffic can cross by the Moon-Mouth Bridge.

About 10,000 adults live permanently in Port Ferdinand, most of whom are farmers, laborers, fisherman, or sailors on merchant vessels. Lord-Mayor Leander governs the city by the terms of the royal charter established under King Gorboduc I, but the day-to-day affairs were recently taken over by Sheriff Archas, an old veteran of Lear’s army, who was raised in the lands surrounding the city, and recently returned after many distinguished years in the king’s service. His return was not welcomed by all of Port Ferdinand’s citizens, especially its nobles, who have accused him of being nothing more than a puppet and spy for the Crown.

Local legend says that the city was named for a knight who defeated some local menace for the honor of Queen Videna’s favor, and the privilege of having the city bear his name. The cemetery, about a mile north on Crown Road, is believed to contain his tomb, but whatever name was once written on the marker has long since worn away.

Other Places of Note in and around Port Ferdinand

Port Ferdinand

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