The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 9

Meeting the Second Awesome! Mystery of the Obelisk

With the wandering samurai gone, the party has room left for Gai, and the original party enters the lair of Serpentus. The fight is long and dangerous, and while Khorvash’s Three-Ton Burden swung the fight to the party’s side, the fight was truly won by the combined efforts of everybody but the druid. Once Serpentus is dispatched, a hole appears in the ceiling, and Bob Dylan descends from the sky. He congratulates the party on breaking the veil and, after some resting, teleports them back to Dick Grayson. From here, the party is introduced to Scary Spice, and the party rides her (him?) for long enough to reach an important teleporter.

From here, the party makes it to Ryu-Ossan’s ancestral home, which has been destroyed in the many, many years since he last saw it. In a nearby cave, the party finds a black obelisk. It reacts warmly to most of the party but violently to Ryu-Ossan, who remembers it as the item that teleported him away from home thousands of years ago. Then Khorvash falls asleep for a while, and when he wakes up the party is retrieving the hull of an ancient airship from underwater. Once it is unearthed, the party takes it to somebody who can change it into the airship they need to travel to the site of the second veil.



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