The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 8

Battles in the Desert! The First Veil is the Zodiac Raiders!

The party is teleported to the desert of Scheherazade, where they come across a poor town under regular siege by the Zodiac Raiders, a party of twelve coyote men who steal supplies from the village every day at noon. With the help of a wandering samurai filling the void left by the disappearance of Gai, he party sets a trap for the Raiders, determined to stop their attacks and trace them back to their hideout. Khorvash sets a trap of slipsand, and when the Raiders arrive on their horses, Cancer and Scorpio fall into the pit. The rest of the party deals with Gemini and Libra while the two larger members crawl out of the pit and are dispatched later. Afterward, Ryu-Ossan tracked the Raiders back to their base of operations, a desert temple covered by a divine veil.

When the party enters the temple, they are set upon by three waves of Raiders. First, they are ambushed in a hallway by Aries and Sagittarius, who try to flee but are chased and dispatched by Gitarisuto. Next, the party finds Leo, Virgo, and Pisces guarding an armory and a key to the second half of the temple. After a hard and tiring fight, the party rests for the night before unlocking the door and fighting Capricorn, Taurus, and the leader Aquarius. This battle pushes the PCs to their limits, so they steel their resolve before opening the final door and fighting the temple’s guardian: the thirteenth sign, Serpentus.



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