The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 6

Running the Gauntlet! Arrival in Scheherazade

After the destruction of the Taylors’ tower, the party decides to accompany the hobgoblins to the portal leading to their homeland. In order to do this, they must brave a gauntlet of attacks, testing their endurance and combat prowess:

Round 1 – The ice-breaking encounter was an ambush by three men who attacked form the cover of plants. They did not capitalize on this opportunity with damage, and once the party was able to pinpoint their positions, their special moves made short work of the enemies.
Round 2 – The second combat encounter is an even fight between the party and the Fullmetal Foursome, two duskblades and two fighters who are experts in melee weaponry. However, the party does not give them a chance to prove themselves, as Ryu-ossan traps them in the middle of the road and Khorvash eliminates them with ease from afar.
Round 3 – The most challenging encounter is the ambush by the Impalers who attack the party from the shadows, kill their donkey, and rush into melee. Their physical superiority gives them a distinct advantage over the party, as they grab each person and deposit them on the spikes covering their bodies. Furthermore, they are resistance to much of the party’s magical damage and immune to Gai’s entire arsenal. They make short work of Khorvash, but Ryu-ossan uses his Ysgard Emergency to rebuild his body as a stronger, tougher bugbear. SeƱor Risco and Kangohei enter melee combat, more through necessity than wise tactical decisions, and in a nail-biting encounter, provide the weight necessary to tip the scale in the party’s favor.
Round 4 – The final challenge is a huge dinosaur named Bony Bony Chomper. Despite Ryu-ossan’s magics, Khorvash is quickly eaten, but Gai and Gitarisuto surround Chomper and overwhelm it with physical power.

Once the gauntlet is defeated, the party and the hobgoblins enter the magical portal, appearing in the mostly-desert region of Scheherazade. Though the hobgoblins are mostly put out by this development, in short order the party meets an encampment of vampires who can survive in the harsh desert environment. Gai and Khorvash are also experts at desert navigation, and with the assistance of the hobgoblins and the vampires, the party makes their way to a series of ruins they decide to enter.



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