The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 14

Life-or-Death Combat with the Armies of Hell!

After rescuing the heretofore unknown member of the Taylor family, the party returns to the family tower, only to learn shortly that it is under attack by an army of devils. The party immediately (after one minute of casting spells) volunteers to help, and are installed as the last line of defense at the door of the tower. As the battle rages around them, they find themselves almost immediately assaults by Phalanx Devil, who are fully immune to Korvash’s Desert Rage but incredibly susceptible to Ryu-kun’s Shocktopus, and Armor Devils, who are not immune to Desert Rage. Both are quickly dispatched, though not without damage to SeƱor Risco. Before the party can catch their breath, Spike Devils teleport into their midst. Because they appear very close to Khorvash and their lethal barbs deal nontrivial damage to Ryu-kun, Gai-san and Gitarisuto-san team up to outmaneuver the devils and remove them from combat. Finally realizing the threat the party poses, the devils move their elite guard to confront the party: four Spear Devil and the leader, a Bell Devil. The party goes into full panic mode, using their most powerful techniques: Khorvash conjures a wall to try and funnel the enemies into a more survivable pattern, Gai scrambles to the far end of the battlefield to use the Guy Smiley on a blinded enemy, Ryu-kun slams everybody he can reach with tentacles, Josep uses Monster Point to occupy a devil, Gitarisuto-san takes the front line and confronts the devils’ leader face-to-face, and Kangohei-san screams and runs away. By the skin of their teeth, the exhausted party eventually wins the fight, and help drive back the last gasps of the enemy hordes.



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