The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 13

Team of Heroes, Return to Land!

Ron Jeremy has a conversation with the party, stating that he is a hero fighting the Cappy Barons, and suggests that the party return to the planet of Shaped Like A Unicorn to continue their adventure. Along the way, Ryu-ossan decides that life is not worth living if you are not handsome (and Khorvash, now a neanderthal, agrees) and kills himself four times with the help of SeƱor Risco and a magical spell. * By the time the party re-enters the atmosphere, he is reintroduced as Ryu-kun the dark elf, making him quince-born, I suppose. Upon landing, the party does some traveling and meets up with Mr. Taylor Jr., who asks the party to find his kidnapped sister. They read Mr. Taylor’s journal, and the people who understand it find it very interesting, and then visit the island where nobody goes (Cuba), where they believe the sister is being held. With a timely assist by Josep’s new Monster Point, they dispatch the guardians and rescue the young lady, who it turns out is not the Red Angel.

  • - During this time, the party reminisces about their exploits thus far, but Khorvash saw no need to essentially describe a first-season clip show in his episode synopsis, so this episode is shorter than normal.



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