The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 12

The Moon Is a Library! A Combat with Death

The party gets on David Bowie’s rocket and flies to the moon. Unfortunately, they quickly realize that giving control of their super-fast technological marvel to the bugbear sorcerer simply because he has the quickest fingers is a terrible idea, and Khorvash promptly crashes the vehicle into a solid wall. Upon disembarking, the party finds themselves in a library (on the moon!) and meet a cranky skeleton named Pedantic Pete. The library (on the moon!) is infested by zombies who can not be killed, and then the party has a gripping discussion about the nature of animation versus unlife that Khorvash doesn’t listen to because he falls asleep a little. After some merry exploration, investigating the different parts of the library, the party finds some vampires to fight. They quickly learn that vampires are weak against melee weapons, or they must be because Khorvash, Ryu-ossan, and SeƱor Risco were fully ineffective while Gai-san and Gitarisuto-san do not have this problem.

During the eyecatch, the party sings “Shambala”.

After the commercial, Pedantic Pete finds the beaten and battered party and leads them to a giant pit trap, in which the veil’s guardian resides. In a great surprise for a first-season encounter, the guardian is Death himself (on the moon), and he proves it by discorporating Khorvash before he can even participate in the fight. He then works his way around the party, slowly removing removing chucks of them from the Material Plane before gutting Khorvash like a fish (he gets better, but only by certain definitions) before a relentless onslaught of damage finally brings him down. Ron Jeremy falls from the sky as the Fourth Awesome. During this conversation, no big and important character-changing things happened, like Gai-san speaking for the first time in the campaign, because if something that worthwhile had actually happened, somebody would have told Khorvash after he woke up. So no, nothing important here!



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