The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 11

Horror of the Clockworks! Assembling the Moon Rocket

The party discovers that they need to get to the moon to reach the Fourth Awesome, so they begin exploring David Bowie’s lab, looking for the pieces they need to create a rocket ship. Along the way, they happen across a gathering of steampunk insects, who are quickly dispatched by SeƱor Aire’s Dervish Tango, and Gai-san finds the lost tome “Magical Book of Magical Poisons: a Magical Reference.” A golden steampunk insect and its electrum minions are guarding the first rocket piece, and when they are killed, Ryu-Ossan find a belt buckle with the power of elemental fire. Many jokes about hot crotches are told. After the eyecatch, multiple swarms of electrum insects attack the party, and the following fight is long and difficult, but the party survives. David Bowie contacts the party to inform them that he has found the rocket’s power sources, but they are surrounded by the insects, and the party knows it is in for a long an dangerous fight. However, this time the party prepares with buff spells and a plan, and they stomp the insects in twenty seconds flat. David Bowie then informs them that the leader of the insects has escaped, but the party does not care because they have all the pieces to assemble a rocket.



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