The Fall 2009 D&D Campaign

Episode 10

Bring Back the Power! Inside the Flying Lab

The party uses the airship to fly to the Windmill of the Lawn Seeder, a floating technological marvel that is the source of the Second Veil. Inside, the party finds that much of the lab is locked down, the the power is out, and that the only functioning source of information is the AI, Alia. She sends the party toward four towers to turn the power back on and unlock the lab where they can contact the Third Awesome. The power is offline because of leaking tubes of acid, and somehow turning off these leaks will give the lab power. Khorvash wasn’t really paying attention there. The first tower is the home of the elusive Dark Man, who uses magical darkness to hide from the party and inflict damage from the shadows. He meets his match against Shine Man’s weapon, used by Gitarisuto-san and his ally, Rush (in Drummer Mode). The second tower holds Hound Man, who splits into multiple forms before the party can approach and keeps them at bay with a wide reach. Luckily, Desert Man’s weapon has a wider reach, and Khorvash uses it to inflict massive damage on Hound Man’s weak point. Slime Man lurks in the third tower, but Gai-san uses Ghost Man’s weapon to run literal circles around him. The last tower is home to Gravel Man, but after Ryu-Ossan drops him many stories by blowing up the ground, he uses Octo-Man’s weapon to bat Gravel Man into submission. With the Robot Masters destroyed, the last obstacle is to enter the final castle and destroy its guardian, the Yellow Demon. Though it tries to escape by disassembling and sliding through the floor, the party brings its most powerful attacks (except for Khorvash, who used his most powerful debuff) to bear and destroys it with a combination of the Gai Pierce, the Shocktopus, and whatever Gitarisuto-san names his relatively mundane critical hit. After this, the Second Veil breaks, and the party meets the David Bowie.



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